Misplaced constancy

Meriam Webster defines the word constancy as follows: 1.the quality of staying the same : lack of change 2. the quality of being loyal to a person or belief. Many successful people will tell you that being consistent is the key to success and the difference between failure and success.  True indeed! My aunt always told me “Your either hot or cold. If you’re luke warm will you getspit out, so don’t straddle the fence”. How naive was I not to take that advice earlier in life. To realize she was dropping a jewel that meant the difference between extraordinary and mediocre. Well, probably because I had years and years of half done projects and lack luster attempts at achieving greatness to experience before I could personally apply such wisdom. You see my problem was not lack of constancy…but that of misplaced constancy. I was a habitual consistently inconsistent being, not staying the same throughout. Seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but a true stumbling block in my life.

Many times I’ve found a solution to the problems in my life, but lounged in the routine excitement of identifying the problem only to lack diligence in actually carryout the plan to solve said problem. This became a dangerous cycle. I lived in imagination, but never actually made attempts to make my dreams a reality. Constancy is only beneficial if it is used in the right context of your life. Don’t spend your days being consistently inconsistent. As the old saying goes , ‘Plan your work, and work your plan’. Be honest with your self if you’ve gotten lazy and redundant with just TALKING about what you NEED to do instead of DOING it. You will save yourself a world of frustration and wasted energy.

copyright Jackie Brown 2014


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